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Lesley and Ann are dietitian nutritionists on a mission to help the food industry up their nutrition game.  Here is how we can help you become your customer's nutrition hero.


Analysis, Labeling & Allergens

Menus & Recipes

Nutrition Communications & Media

Analysis, Labeling & Allergens

Don't trust the complex job of your nutrition analysis and food labeling to just anyone. Lesley and Ann are nutrition experts with a deep understanding of nutrition analysis and the regulations governing labeling and allergen declarations.  

Nutrient Analysis

Nutrition analysis is both an art and a science. While it seems like analyzing a recipe for its nutritional value is a simple math formula, there is much more involved. We can provide detailed a nutrient analysis for your recipes or recipes we develop for your organization. Our nutrient analysis can include a nutrition facts panel or a more detailed nutrient analysis, if needed.

Menu Labeling

Menu labeling laws and regulations are difficult to navigate though we love wading through the regulatory language and translating it into useful guidance for our clients. Every situation is unique, and you need an expert on your side to ensure your operation is compliant, whether you are required by law to comply or doing so voluntarily.

Menu Labeling Regulations Audit

Are you sure your food operation follows all aspects of menu labeling regulations? Have us do an audit of your food operation, including all menus and online presence to be sure you are compliant with regulations set forth by the Affordable Care Act.

Food Label Creation

Have a food product that needs a food label? We can create printer-ready food labels for your product that meet FDA standards. There are many regulations around what you can and cannot say on your food packaging. Having an expert who can read the regulations and make sure your food packaging is compliant with FDA regulations is important to protect your business from making false claims.

Food Allergen Identification & Tracking

Declaring food allergens on your food products isn’t enough to ensure customers do not get sick. You need to also have a tracking system in place to know when an ingredient you are using has changed or affects the declared allergens in your food item. We are experts in organizing the data and keeping you up to date on any changes that need to be made or any regulation changes in regards to allergen declarations.

Nutrition Communications & Media

Lesley and Ann are experienced nutrition communicators. Whether it be creating nutrition education materials for your organization or working with traditional or online media outlets, we can communicate sound nutrition messages for your business.

Nutrition Education

From answering customers’ nutrition questions to creating custom nutrition education materials for your organization, we can provide evidence-based nutrition education materials.

Sponsored Posts

We love working with brands that align with our nutrition philosophy. We enjoy doing product reviews, giveaways, recipe development, food photography, or anything that lets us have some fun in the kitchen.


Both Lesley and Ann are accomplished speakers having presented at many conferences and meetings, both large and small. We are happy to work with you to create a compelling topic and engaging presentation for your audience. We can also represent your brand or company at a trade show.

Food Photography

We take great pride in our food photography skills. Lesley does the styling and Ann does the shooting and any needed photo editing. This allows us to feature your products in a creative and attractive way for your customers.


We are experienced with radio, television, video and print media. Social media outreach is another area in which we excel as we maintain a strong presence on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest.

For a sample of Ann’s media work, please see her media page.

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