The Switch Witch Solves Halloween Candy Overload

Lesley Baradel

Happy Halloween

Have you heard of the Switch Witch? If not, you MUST read this and execute! It is one of my two Halloween Candy SUPERPOWER ACTION MOVES that I recommend. You can also follow the link to read about my other super power action move.

Who is the Switch Witch?

The Switch Witch is a made-up character by super smart (aka. sneaky) adults like us (because if you are reading this post, I know you are super smart!). Her key role is to get the abundance of candy out of the house for a charitable cause/reason. In the past, I would find myself yelling to the kids from the kitchen “I am throwing the leftover Halloween candy away!” in hopes that they are so engaged in whatever game (or electronic device – argh!) they are on that they will not notice. But, this does not happen now that I have employed the Switch Witch. Now, we have a plan and my kids expectations are set on what happens to the Halloween candy on  day 1.

switch witch on broom

What is the Switch Witches’ job description?

Primary function: Get the candy OUT of house for a charitable cause/reason


  • Send in pre-troops or otherwise known as “Parent(s)” to explain to the kids that the Switch Witch will be coming and switching out their candy for a toy/book the night of Halloween. The most important part of this conversation is for the “Parent” to explain that the candy will go to someplace like a homeless shelter, assisted living facility, the troops, etc. so that they feel good about the reason why they are “sharing” their candy.
    • **Sneaky (aka. Smart) Parent Alert: Do not use the word “giving away” because it does not sound as nice as if you are “sharing” something with another person.
  • Have “Parents” tell kids to separate their candy in the “keep” pile and “Switch Witch” pile. The amount in the “keep” pile should have already been decided in the “Family Treaty on Treats”. <ADD LINK>.
  • Have “Parents” leave candy on front doorstep so that the Switch Witch can collect it the night of Halloween.
    • **Scary Alert: Best to let them know that the Switch Witch does NOT come in the house, like Santa. Who wants a witch in their house?
  • Switch Witch visits the night of Halloween, takes the candy, and leaves a cheap toy that will occupy your child for approximately 5 minutes. Hopefully, they will have forgotten all about the candy at the end of the 5 minutes. Fingers crossed!
    • **Smart Parent Alert: You could also leave a book but that may not be as exciting as that cheap toy so definitely do what your child will be happy with. You want them to look forward to the Switch Witch.
  • Switch Witch (or actually the “Parents”) hides the candy in the trunk of the car and delivers it to a homeless shelter, assisted living home, facility that sends to the troops, or local charity.
    • **Sneaky (aka. Smart) Parent Alert: Be sure to grab a few of your favorite pieces before ditching the candy!!)

In my house, I do not actually give a toy for the candy trade but in most homes this is how it is done. I try to teach my children to give without receiving and this is just one little sacrifice they have to make. It may not work for your family and that is totally okay! Do what works best for your family.

Switch Witch In The Community

If you want to take your Switch Witch-ness to the next level, collect your neighborhood, school, community center, etc. candy and donate!  We usually collect from our neighborhood.  Here is a picture from a few years ago:

Halloween Candy Switch Witch

I have also included this Switch Witch marketing flyer  marketing flyer that is free to use (it will automatically download to your computer when you click the link).  Just fill in your details in the highlighted yellow areas to make it more personalized.

Have a SSppookkyy Halloween!



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