Why My Menu Pal

Does this sound familiar?

It’s 5 pm and you are staring blankly at the pantry, then the refrigerator and freezer trying to decide what you are going to make for dinner. Then wondering what dish you could quickly throw together besides oatmeal, which was last night’s dinner. You look at your watch and calculate if you have time to make it to the grocery store or do we go out to eat….

It happens all too often, the stress over what is for dinner. Having a menu plan solves the nightly problem of wondering what to do for dinner. But do you know where to start? Are you too busy to take the time to plan out a thoughtful menu that is both healthy and your family will enjoy? Are you in a dinner rut, bored with the same dinners each week? My Menu Pal is the solution for you.

What sets My Menu Pal apart from other menu planning websites?


We are your personal nutrition experts week in and week out. You will not find a better team of dietitian nutritionists to help you plan your family’s weekly menu. Our menus are developed with nutrition and health in mind while balancing the realities of picky eaters, tight schedules, and increasing food prices. In addition to being registered dietitian nutritionists, we are also moms and experience the same challenges of life that you do.


Our menu plans and healthful resources make menu planning easy and simple. We understand that many people may not be as passionate about taking the time to actually do the planning, so we do it for you. Our weekly menu plans will give you four entrée recipes and side dish recipes to go along with each entrée. Each weekly plan includes a grocery list, cooking tips, nutrition tips, and more. As registered dietitian nutritionists and moms, our weekly menus have a great deal of variety. We include vegetarian, chicken, seafood, and another type of meat such as beef, pork or turkey in each weekly menu plan.

Are you wondering why our menu plans only have four meals per week? Well, as busy moms, we find that the sweet spot for cooking homemade meals is about four times per week. It isn’t always practical to say I’m going to cook a new recipe every night. The other nights are leftovers, really simple “go-to” meals or possibly even eating out. We will throw in a few bonus meals and snack recipes as well from time to time. You can always peruse our many recipes to find your own favorites to serve on other nights.


We have an extensive recipe database. Browse through the recipe database to find another recipe to add to your menu plan or find a great breakfast or snack recipe. If your family is bigger or smaller than what the recipe calls for, you can easily increase or decrease the number of servings within the recipe.


Not at your computer or on the go? Our website is easily viewable from your tablet or smart phone.


Our blog is an important part of our website as we provide no-gimmick nutrition advice that is based on science and not the latest diet or food fads. You can trust us to provide you with accurate information that will help you and your family live healthier and happier lives. If you or your family needs more personalized advice, please take a look at our personal consulting services here and we would be happy to work with you and your family one-on-one.


Our goal is to help your family eat better and eat together. We plan to grow our website to provide you with more awesome tools and resources beyond what you see on our website today. So, please reach out to us at heretohelp@mymenupal.com to give us your ideas on what to add, what to change, or just to introduce yourself. Also, be sure to connect with us on social media.



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