Lesley’s “Almost 50” Favorite Songs of 2015

Lesley Baradel

Lesley's Almost 50 Favorite Songs of 2015

You may or may not know, but I [Lesley] LOVE music. We pretty much have  Sonos  playing at all times during the day while we are working! After a few months of getting hooked on mine, Ann put it on her Santa’s list and she got one too! 

Being an indoor cycle instructor means I’m making playlists…ALL THE TIME

Thinking about music…ALL THE TIME

Shazaming” music…ALL THE TIME!

So, I set out to make  my own top 50 songs of 2015. It’s a great playlist to listen to while you are in the kitchen. Music always makes cooking more fun. But, I got to #49 and decided to ask you what my 50th song should be! So listen and let me know what’s missing.

Click on here or on the picture below to get to my Spotify playlist.

Best Songs 2015

My playlist is published under the Lesley Kent Baradel  username on Spotify.  If you are not a member of Spotify, check it out! The  link in the picture will bring you to the join page. It’s free if you are just playing on your computer.






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