Kickin’ It In the Kitchen Playlist ~ August 2016

By  Lesley Baradel


It’s past mid-August and I am FINALLY getting this out to you! August has been crazy with getting the kids back to school and jumping back into a routine but we made it and I think I may be headed down the right path. Summer was filled with glorious days of sleeping in (for my kids at least), summer camps (ok, they are only 1/2 day), and lots of carpooling around town! But, get the violin out. Those days are over. We are back to uniforms and the like!

So, enjoy a little back to school jam. I hope you like it!

Celebrate Back to School with this Kickin' It In The Kitchen Playlist

Kickin’ It In The Kitchen Playlist

KITK Playlist Songs_August 2016

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Happy Listening!

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