How to Make A Minecraft Cake

Lesley Baradel

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If you are reading this post, you’re a tried and true dedicated parent that is willing to sacrifice all common sense and make your own Minecraft cake for your child’s birthday…at least that was what I was thinking when I finally succumbed to my child’s wishes. I am not a baker so I searched high and low for a pre-made Minecraft cake that would be **perfect** for my son’s birthday but, much to my dismay, he did not like any of them.  So, off I went to check out all the Pins, blog posts, and YouTube videos on how to make a Minecraft cake.  There are plenty of them, but none were quite what I was looking for so I created my own! I hope you find this post helpful.

First, let’s go grocery shopping and buy the following:

  • Blue Jello
  • Chocolate Cake Mix
    • I used Betty Crocker Super Moist Chocolate Cake
  • Rice Krispies
  • Marshmallows 
  • Chocolate Icing
    • I used Betty Crocker Rich & Creamy Chocolate because the Betty Crocker brand has no trans-fats. Pillsbury still has trans-fats which amazes me!
  • Several packages of Kit-Kats
  • Betty Crocker Green Cookie Icing
  • Most everything else, like eggs, butter, and vegetable oil, are pantry staples

Items to purchase on Amazon:

So, I know that some of you are cringing now and thinking…

“Blue Jello? That has food coloring in it!”

“Boxed cake mix? Really, she should make a homemade cake. It’s much healthier and has no preservatives.”

“Oh No! Did she really use chocolate icing from that plastic container?” 

YEP…I used them all and my children are all alive, kickin’ and talking about it!

Here’s my deal on the birthday cake. I wanted the cake to taste good and    look good.  I  have tried to make a homemade cake and homemade icing and well, my family (even me!) agrees that my homemade versions paled in comparison to the store-bought  versions that are now on the market. I think I try to “health-ify” them too much and they end up with no flavor.

In regards to the icing, my only requirement is that there are no partially hydrogenated oils (trans-fats). Many icings do have trans-fats so be sure to read the ingredient list.

And finally, the blue jello! I wanted a  fast solution without spending the time researching a more “natural” option for the 1/2 inch piece of blue jello that my child would eat.

Overall, even making my own Minecraft cake was a risk so I was not about to start messing with the ingredients because I figured if it looked bad it would at least taste good. 

But, much to my surprise, it looked awesome AND tasted awesome!  

Here are a few pictures of the process:


I made my cake over two days because I knew that it would be too much to do all in one day. Here is the process I used:

Day 1 (Prep Day):  

1. Cook cake, rice krispies, and jello according to packaging directions. This allows the cake to cool completely before icing it.  

2. Put together your Minecraft structures.

(Smart Chef Tip:  Outsource this job to your children and husband!)

Day 2 (Decorating Day): This is the fun part…

1.  Creating your Minecraft Mountains: Imagine what you want your cake to look like which may be different than mine. Be creative! Then start cutting the cake into big and small squares to create that design. I had two sizes for my piece (7″x5″ and 5″x3″). If you follow my design, once you are done cutting, you will have two large pieces and four smaller pieces.

Before you place your cake on the cutting board, I would suggest you spread a little icing in the areas where you will place the cake. This is just added insurance that the cake will not slip off the cutting board.  Next, place two large pieces and two of the four small pieces on the glass cutting board where you spread your icing and put icing on the top of them. Then the last two small pieces on top of the larger pieces. You can see my picture below how I have it set up.

Minecraft Cake

Smart Chef Tip: You will have leftover cake and you can do what you want to with those pieces.
One might eat them but I will leave that up to you!   :mrgreen: 

2. Creating Your Sandy Beach: After everything is iced, cut and place your rice krispy treats along the edges of the cake (see picture below). This represents your beach area. You will have rice krispies left over (don’t eat those!) for the “landscaping”.

Building the Minecraft Cake

3. Creating Your Waterway: Next, mash up your jello in the container that it is in and then place where you want your water. In some blog posts, they cut the jello into squares and then placed them but it was really hard to keep the structure this way and I liked the look of rocky waters.

4. Creating Your Landscaping: Building the Kit-Kat trees is a sticky step so be ready for green sticky fingers or wear gloves. Pour the green frosting into a bowl. Trim the leftover rice krispies into a rounded tree top shape. Then just coat your rice krispies with the green icing. I used a small kitchen pastry brush to spread mine. After icing, place the rice krispies on the Kit-Kats. Do not put the Kit-Kat into the rice krispy until you have iced it because if you do, the Kit-Kats melt on your fingers and that means you have to lick yummy chocolate off your fingers and I would hate for you to have to do that.  Next, place the trees where you think they will look best. One of my Kit-Kat’s broke on the way to the party so the rice krispy became a bush and that looked good as well. You can actually see it in the bottom left of the picture below.

5. Let the Minecraft Animals Roam the Mountain Side: Place your animals where they can roam this wonderful mountainous landscape you’ve created.

Close up of Minecraft Cake

And, drumroll…here is the final product…

Minecraft_Final Product
Party Time…

My lucky husband was in charge of sitting in the passenger seat and NOT moving on the way to the party. If you ask him, he may mention the amount of “positive feedback” about whether or not he was holding the cake too close to his body, whether it was tilted too much to the left or right, etc, etc! 🙂

Minecraft Cake 6

Let us know if you are making your own Minecraft cake!!

How to Make a Minecraft Cake

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