General Mills Makes A Big Move in the Cereal Aisle

Ann Dunaway Teh & Lesley Baradel

We recently had the opportunity to visit General Mills’ corporate headquarters in Minneapolis. Our trip was paid for by General Mills but this is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


As you may have heard a few days ago, General Mills made the announcement that they were taking artificial flavors and colors out of all of their cereals. Changes will be seen on store shelves as soon as early 2016. This is big news and quite an undertaking when you consider some of the colorful cereals in their portfolio such as Trix and Lucky Charms. Who’s kid says no to all that fun in a bowl? But, going forward, natural flavors and colors from fruits, vegetables and spices will take the place of artificial ones.

General Mills Changes no artificiial flavors or colorsWe are cereal lovers in our households and are therefore excited for these changes. We are glad that General Mills is taking a strong stand in removing these ingredients from their products. They’ve also been quietly reducing the amount of added sugar in their products since 2007 and many of them are less than 10g of sugar per serving. While we feel that some of their cereals are still in the “treat” category by our standards, we know that many are staples in households. (And, truth be told, cereal is really just a small, small portion of the added sugars in one’s diet — even a child — but that is a topic for another post!)

We had the opportunity to speak with Jim Miller, the President of General Mills cereal division, last month in Minneapolis. We were impressed by the passion for cereal by him and his team and focus on doing the right thing for their customers. Many of their customers have grown up on some of the cereals so changing how a product is made can be risky because they may lose customers. For instance, all you “Trix fans” can say bye-bye to your fluorescent cereal! Check out what the new Trix will look like. Luckily, anyone born in 2015 will never know what they missed out on…

Trix Cereal

But, the reality is that they do need to make money to survive as a company so they have to weigh those risks very carefully. We were impressed that they took a strong step forward in the cereal category and hope that other large food manufacturers will do the same.

Here are some of their current cereals that are already free of artificial flavors or colors from artificial sources…

General Mill's cereal no artificial flavors and colors

Tell us what you think…

Like it?…Don’t like it?…Don’t care?…Will this make you buy more General Mills cereals?


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