Five Fabulous, Fast & Furious Dinner Dishes

By  Ann Dunaway Teh & Lesley Baradel

Get dinner on the table in a hurry with one of these 5 quick, easy and delicious  dishes.

Try out these 5 fabulous, fast and furious recipes for a speedy, healthy dinner!

No matter the time of year, getting dinner on the table in a hurry seems to be a priority. We get you, really we do. Like you, we are pulled in a million different directions and don’t have the luxury of an hour or longer to cook dinner. We struggle just as much as the next person with wanting to provide a healthy dinner for our family without spending a long time or breaking the bank.

So we pulled together 5 of our fastest dinnertime dishes  to help you score a win at your house. It is usually the main dish that takes the longest to cook, whereas sides can be quick and easy. We keep our freezers stocked with steamable bags of all kinds of veggies for fast nights. We also are big fans of frozen rice or the rice packets that cook in the microwave – there are some great ones out there that aren’t loaded with sodium or other ingredients we don’t want. Seriously, you can have dinner on the table faster  than take-out or going through a drive-thru window. 

An all-time family dinner favorite is what we call our Soy Marinated Flank Steaks!

Soy Marinated Flank Steak

This is probably one of our best recipes – both because it is so easy and it is just so full of flavor. We also have more people write to us about how great this recipe is than any other one. Just throw the marinade together in less than 5 minutes the night before or in the morning, marinate all day in the refrigerator and then cook it on the grill or broiler in about 10 minutes.   

Broiled Tilapia Parmesan is a fast family dinner favorite

Broiled Tilapia Parmesan

You can’t get any faster than this fish dish. Using the broiler, the fish is done in 5 to 8 minutes! Don’t like tilapia? No problem, use any fish in place of it, just keep in mind that a thicker fish may take a few minutes longer to cook. 

Baked Honey Mustard Chicken is a simple and saucy family dinner favorite all your kids will enjoy!

Baked Honey Mustard Chicken

This chicken is tender and flavorful, not to mention a snap to whip together. You could even throw in some chopped potatoes and broccoli in the dish for good measure to cook alongside the chicken. For a faster cooking time, just leave the chicken uncovered. 

Almond Crusted Cod is one of the simplest and healthiest dinners on the fish aisle! Enjoy this with family and friends.

Almond Crusted Cod

Another speedy seafood dish. We love fish, not just because it is so good for you, but it cooks really fast too. Place the fish in the marinade the night before or in the morning in the refrigerator then bake for about 15 minutes when you are ready. Another good alternative to cod is pollock – very similar to taste and texture and in Ann’s grocery store, much cheaper too. 

Our Southwestern Tofu Lettuce wraps are so simple and savory for dinner. They are also very versatile so can be served over grains as well.

Southwestern Tofu Lettuce Wraps

Don’t be afraid of tofu. It is super versatile and takes on the flavor of whatever it isand this sauce is so good, you’ll be licking your plate. Seriously. We served it at a corporate wellness event recently and people were amazed at how good it is, not to mention how fast and easy to make. And this dish could easily be served over your favorite grain instead of the lettuce wrap if you prefer. 

What are your family’s favorite speedy dinnertime dishes?
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Check out these fabulous, fast & furious dinner dishes that your whole family will love! 5 healthy meals are right at your fingertips.


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