Consulting Services

Want help having your family eat better? Want to lose, gain or maintain weight? Need help with a chronic condition? Are you performing at your best in your sport? Is your child struggling with sports performance?

Lesley and Ann are both your partner and your coach, working with you to create realistic strategies customized just for your life. Lesley and Ann can meet one-on-one or with families and couples, groups of friends or co-workers. Sessions can be in-person for those in the Atlanta area or via phone or Internet (Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangout) for those residing elsewhere.

Lesley and Ann have a no-nonsense approach to nutrition and use evidence-based research as their foundation. Lesley and Ann help people focus on what foods to eat rather than focusing on what not to eat. We all lead hectic lives and having a dietitian in your corner helps to cut through all the clutter and make lasting changes to improve your health.

Lesley and Ann counsel clients on a number of health issues, including:
  • Family and pediatric nutrition
  • Weight management
  • Maternal nutrition
  • Heart disease (including high cholesterol, high triglycerides & high blood pressure)
  • Sports nutrition

Please read below to find out more about which plan is right for you, or feel free to contact Lesley and Ann so that they can help you determine what would be most beneficial for your particular situation. You will work with either Lesley or Ann for your session.

There are several different options for working with Lesley and Ann but in general all counseling services begin with an Initial Assessment that includes the following:
  • Comprehensive assessment of medical history, background and current nutrition status
  • Review of 3-day food record and recommendations
  • Evaluation of individual nutrient needs
  • Setting appropriate nutrition goals and steps on how to achieve your goals
  • Providing Nutrition Nugget Tip Sheets as appropriate
Follow-Up Sessions are 45 minutes long and typically include:
  • Keeping you on track
  • Updating your goals as needed
  • Problem solving any challenges
  • Adjusting nutrient needs as appropriate
  • Providing education as needed

Ready to get started? Purchase your spot today and you will be contacted within 24 to 48 hours by Lesley or Ann to schedule a specific time with one of them.


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