Back to School Playlist 2015

By  Lesley Baradel


Music keeps me young! Music makes me smile, cry, and laugh. Music makes me want to dance. Music motivates me!

What does music do for you?

I {Lesley} teach indoor cycling so I am constantly obsessing about my next play list. My husband, Chris, thinks that I spend entirely too much time fiddling with my music to ensure that I have a perfect class every time. I guess he accepts mediocrity with his music! Poor him!

I have created this hour long (actually, 58 minutes) playlist for you to enjoy while you’re making dinner, hanging around with your kids, or just feel like you are in a music rut. Personally, my two favorite cooking companions are my music and a glass of wine!   🙂  My playlists will have artists you have heard of but I also like to learn about new artists so you may be pleasantly surprised to find some new favorites to add to your own playlists.  Enjoy!!!

Click on the picture to go to the playlist…


My playlist is published under the My Menu Pal username on Spotify.  If you are not a member of Spotify, check it out! If you are not a member, this link in the picture will bring you to the join page.

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